EchoRing Basics

EchoRing is a ground-breaking wireless technology designed for applications that require time-critical performance and high-robustness simultaneously. Based on extensive research and the introduction of massive cooperation EchoRing enables a deterministic and low-latency wireless communication with a cable-like performance.
The EchoRing software runs on standard hardware platforms, making it a cost-effective and highly flexible solution for time-critical communication requirements.
EchoRing enables new product concepts. For instance, with EchoRing an ordinary industrial robot can develop into a cheaper and lighter product with new mobile and cooperative capabilities.

CEO Scim
Michael Schneider
"It is very important for us to be close to the leading players in industrial automation and learn their actual needs in this sector to be able to develop our products in a customer centric manner"
"With factories becoming smart and flexible, tethered communication will quickly reach the boundaries of functionality. At the same time, existing wireless communication solutions are not ready to take over, as their reliability and latency performance does not suffice industry requirements."
"The vision of a completely connected Smart Factory will hardly realize without reliable radio "

EchoRing Features

Agnostic to Hardware
osi layer 1

Dynamic Cooperation

Massive cooperation is the underlying technology of EchoRing. Our dynamic cooperation schemes safeguard the guaranteed performance levels.

Seamless Roaming

Wireless coverage is an important requirement. EchoRing offers features to extend the coverage introducing a novel seamless roaming approach.

Adaptive Coexistence

EchoRing deals with potential interference scenarios intelligently and adapts its communication pattern dynamically at runtime.

Machine Learning

Reinforcement learning incorporated in EchoRing is used to optimize the system performance at runtime.

Flexible Topology

EchoRing is not limited to a fixed set of topologies. In fact, EchoRing adjusts automatically to the need of the scenario or application.

Extended Security

Besides standard security measures, EchoRing introduces additional encryption and authentication features.

Service Level

EchoRing introduces a service-oriented wireless communications link extending the opportunities of the higher layer applications.

Flexible Implementation

EchoRing can either be realized as firmware (high performance) or as a driver (regular performance).
Transparent Interfaces
osi layer 3

EchoRing Benefits

Hardware Costs

As EchoRing is leveraging standard hardware, costs are low. Additionally, costs for cabling and plugs are reduced.

Installation Costs

Faster setup processes save time and money, complex cabling efforts are not necessary anymore.

Operation Costs

Less cable and plugs in use lead to lower maintenance costs over time and more network stability due to fewer involved parts.


As a software product EchoRing offers the option for optimization over time through simple updates. Also, new product features will be introduced without new hardware costs.


Due to the nature of the wireless medium, EchoRing brings an easy handling and will ultimately result in a higher productivity.


EchoRing offers an extended flexibility to perform changes, e.g. in production layouts.

EchoRing Scenarios

Echoring in Robots

Lower Hardware Costs

Significantly lower costs per mobile robot due to less integration and wirelessly connected, centralized edge controls.

Less complex installation

High flexibility and fast adaptability without further installation costs in the area of operations.

Architectural Advantages

Reduction of in-robot cabling especially with regards to moving parts.

EchoRing in Harvesters

Operating Costs

Due to platooning features, less man power is needed to control all vehicles - one main control may be sufficient.


Incorporating live data from aerial drones during the harvesting process helps, e.g., to mitigate the damage of plants in real-time.

Architectural Advantages

EchoRing allows for a reduction of cabling especially with regards to moving parts and additional tools.

Echoring in your product

Assess supported network performance

Every application is different, to understand how your application can be enhanced with EchoRing, just evaluate it. You only need to specify your latency, data rate and robustness requirements along the parameters given in the calculator. Then, the calculator immediately computes the maximum number of nodes that will be supported by EchoRing with the selected configuration.